Grasshopper opens third plant-based restaurant in The Beach

Grasshopper opens third plant-based restaurant in The Beach


Newly launched Grasshopper Salon (2252 Queen St E) brings Grasshopper’s beloved uplifting plant-based menu to The Beach community. The new location (the third for the Toronto-based vegan eatery) seats 69 and includes a cafe for grab-and-go, and a formal dining area with banquette seating, offering the most elevated Grasshopper dining experience to-date.

Grasshopper’s Executive Chef Haruna Makino, who oversees all three locations, draws inspiration from her Japanese heritage to create wholesome asian fusion dishes. Chef Makino has updated the daily menu at all three locations and has introduced a weekend brunch menu available at Junction and Beach locations.

I love showing people just how flavourful plant-based cooking can be,” says Chef Makino, “Our menu is for everyone to enjoy, whether you are looking for a comfort classic or to try something new.”

Chef Makino’s namesake salad, “Haru” featuring mizuna, edamame, and lotus-root chips, remains on the menu, accompanied by new dishes including Japanese fluffy pancakes and savoury Okonomi-yaki.

Grasshopper Salon embraces a California beach house vibe with organic and natural fixtures inspired by the plant-based menu, with dried grass, preserved moss, cotton, and manzanita branches making appearances throughout the restaurant. A living green wall (in the café) and lush garden foliage atop the booths in the dining area create the sensation of being completely surrounded by nature. Designed by Wolfe Interior Design, the space also includes carefully curated accents that infuse a sense of effortless luxury. 

Menu highlights

  • Kimchi Fries - fries topped with kimchi, red daikon radish, roasted sesame seeds and irresistible house sauce
  • DanDan Noodle - tofu “ground pork,” dehydrated shredded chili, baby bok choy and yuzu, served on kale noodles, topped with spicy tahini sauce, Japanese hot sauce and sesame seeds
  • Mocktails: Pleased as Punch & Fresh Prince 

To celebrate the new location, menus, and 6 years of plant-based restaurant success, Grasshopper commissioned Equal Parts Studio to create a brand identity that illustrates their passion for plant-based dining and its ability to uplift the body and spirit. Grasshopper’s new visual identity is focused on this uplifting feeling, with the conscious choice to separate the words “Grass” and “hopper”, positioning it instead as grass-hopper: an exploratory person who finds nutrition in a plant-based diet. Each Grasshopper restaurant now has its own dedicated atmosphere and menu to create an experience that resonates with its neighbourhood:

  • Grasshopper Salon (The Beach): new restaurant, open for weekend brunch, lunch, dinner 2252 Queen St E  | 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Grasshopper Eatery (Junction): cozy, family-oriented eatery for lunch, dinner & weekend brunch 3080 Dundas St. W | 11:30 am - 9:30 pm
  • Grasshopper Cafe (College): central fast casual location 310 College St | 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
About Grasshopper

Grasshopper provides uplifting, plant‑based foods through dining and grab-and-go offerings. With three locations across Toronto, each Grasshopper restaurant has its own dedicated atmosphere and menu to create an experience that resonates with its neighbourhood.